Center for Retail And Services Marketing


Services and Retailing are the fastest growing sectors in the world. Ranging from the everyday FMCG products to the most complex industrial goods, Retailing is the front end of almost all the businesses and deals with the customers directly.

Pakistan’s retail sector has experienced a great deal of change over the last two decades. Both products and services retailing have shown a significant growth. Adaptation of some modern retailing techniques has attracted business graduates to choose retailing as a career. As most of the retailing professionals have learnt retailing “on the job”, this increasing trend towards retailing as a career choice identified the need for business graduates who specialize in different areas of products and services retailing

With an innate characteristic of retail orientation in most of the services (e.g. in food, education, health, construction, tourism, transportation, and communication etc), retailing and services management are considered to have a close relationship. An immense growth of restaurants owned by local, national, and international food chain operators in different cities of Pakistan also stress the importance and demand of specialized human resource that can manage the HORECA operations more effectively and efficiently.

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