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The main objective of the program is to develop knowledge and skills of the participants. This program has been designed for students who, after completing higher secondary school, are looking for some knowledge based, career oriented, and market driven educational program that would lead to lucrative careers. The program is a blend of theory, quantitative, research and applied areas in economics. Thus prepares students to pursue advanced research degrees like MS and PhD.


In the wake of globalization, economic integration and competition, only such individuals can hold positions of responsibility who have the capacity to analyze complex problems and make intelligent decisions. The BS Economics program helps students to think logically and improve their ability to use their knowledge of economics to analyze “real world” problems and opportunities. This program focuses theoretical, quantitative and research methods approach to deal with economic and financial problems in both the public and private sectors.


To develop professionals with a strong base in the field of economics who can understand and analyze issues faced by a developing country like Pakistan.

The BS Economics program is intended to meet the challenges of a dynamically changing global economy. It aims to prepare students for a competitive environment by imparting knowledge, building skills and an attitude to excel. Industry-academia link-building sessions (seminars, webinars and conferences) are conducted on recent economic issues to orient students on the current industry trends. Study-oriented industry tours to the Stock Market, Chamber of Commerce and Pakistan Bureau of Statistics are organized to provide them a practical learning exposure.  

A distinctive feature of this program is that it provides students an insightful exposure to global and national economic policy institutes through regular interactions with industry experts from the World Bank, State Bank of Pakistan, Planning Commission of Pakistan, Ministry of Finance, Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) and Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE).

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Chairman ,Department of Economics and Statistics

Dr Dawood Mamoon

[email protected]

Batch Advisor

Ms. Sidra Raza

[email protected] 

Support Staff

Rashid Mahmood

[email protected] 

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