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MS Strategic Human Resource Management


The program aims to develop globally competitive professionals who are capable of using scientific research and evidence-based practices of HRM to meet strategic goals of organizations.


Our Master of Science in Strategic Human Resource Management (MS-SHRM) program is built upon our proven success and internationally acknowledged capability of developing globally competitive corporate and academic leaders. This program opens new avenues for leading organizations in the emerging global knowledge economies by understanding 21st century’s HR philosophies, systems, and practices, duly needed to meet strategic HR needs of organizations.

In emerging knowledge economy the contemporary organization would be the one that develops its Human Resources as organization’s strategic partners who would understand the value of research-driven ideas and solutions to make competitive decisions for their organizations. Accustomed to “Search-Behavior”, this program prepares competitive and ethical HR professionals who design and implement research-led customized, innovative, and competitive HR solutions to help any kind of organization successfully meet its strategic and operational goals.

Learning Methodology

In the emerging knowledge economies the competitiveness of any organization is based on its ability to explore and exploit new knowledge in order to develop creative and innovative products and services. Challenge becomes severe when organizations need to change and adapt to the ever changing external environment in order to better cope with changing customers’ taste and global trends.

In line with such challenges, our MS-Strategic HRM program emphasizes on developing participants’ ability to create new knowledge, develop competitive HR strategies, and design HR systems that best fit with ever increasing global competition. Program’s strong focus on critical and analytical skills along with exposure to qualitative and quantitative methods to explore new knowledge equips participants to add substantial value to any profession they take up including business, academia, research etc.  

Career Prospects

Graduates of this program can pursue their careers as HR managers in industry or as academicians in higher education institutions.

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