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Mission Statement

The mission of MS (Economics) program is to provide learning to the participants so that they are capable to lead the community. They will be expected to develop and apply strategies for the integrated development of all sections of the society.

Program Objectives

The economy of Pakistan is facing many modern day challenges. Dr. Hassan Murad School of Management at UMT plans to play a significant role to cope with the challenges by producing academically and technically more qualified human-power in Economics. More specifically, the primary and major aim of the program is to produce more qualified teachers for degree colleges and researchers/analysts for public/private organizations, banks and industry. BS (Honors) program of four year duration has already been launched at many degree colleges in Pakistan. According to the latest information, BS(Hon) program has started in 26 top colleges in 12 districts of Punjab, therefore, the demand for teachers having MS degree in Economics will definitely enhance accordingly as Economics is opted as a major by most of the students in social sciences group.

An additional aim of this program is to enhance the competitiveness of UMT graduates in Economics so that they have edge not only in Pakistan’s labor market but also they can compete for jobs in the international labor markets like graduates of internationally recognized universities.


Nation needs good analysts, more qualified teachers and researchers for academic institutions and other organizations. MS/Phil in Economics offered by UMT will help a lot to satisfy the need.

Career Opportunities

The participants after successfully completing the MS/Phil program are expected to be eligible for a wide variety of entry level positions in economics. They can be considered for jobs in both public and private educational institutions, research organizations, State Bank of Pakistan and commercial banks. They can also hold positions in various Federal and Provincial ministries.

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Department Chairperson 

Dr Dawood Mamoon

[email protected]

Batch Advisor

Dr. Muhammad Shahid Hassan

[email protected] 

Support Staff

Rashid Mahmood

[email protected]

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