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Name Designation Email Ext *
Dr Naveed Yazdani Chairperson Department of Management [email protected] 3432  
Kamran Rashid Assistant Professor [email protected] 3347  
Ijaz Yusuf Assistant Professor [email protected] 3345  
Asher Ramish Assistant Professor [email protected] 3311  
Imran Akbar Assistant Professor [email protected] 3372  
Dr Naveda Kitchlew Acting Dean School of Business & Economics [email protected] 3385  
Imran Sadiq Assistant Professor [email protected] 3422  
Aly Raza Syed Assistant Professor [email protected] 3311  
Ali Asghar Research Fellow [email protected] 3388  
Salman Zaheer Lecturer [email protected] 3393  
Dr Dania Qazi Study Leave  
Abdul Rafay Professor [email protected] 3359  
Dr Rukhsana Kalim Professor [email protected] 3385  
Dr Tashfeen Mahmood Azhar Chairperson Department of Operations and Supply Chain [email protected] 3357  
Dr Amer Saeed Assistant Professor [email protected]  
Abdul Ghaffar Lecturer [email protected] 3346  
Dr Rubeena Tashfeen Chairperson Department of Finance [email protected] 3376  
Muhammad Mahmood Shah Khan Assistant Professor [email protected]  
Mian Usman Sattar Assistant Professor [email protected] 3356  
Malik Umer Ayub Assistant Professor [email protected] 3367  
Dr Mian Muhammad Haris Aslam Assistant Professor [email protected] 3364  
Zeeshan Shaukat Lecturer [email protected] 3336  
Dr Abdul Rashid Kausar Adjunct Professor [email protected] 3387  
Dr Muhammad Shahid Hassan Assistant Professor [email protected] 3490  
Umar Rashid Acting Chairperson Department of Skills Development [email protected] 3341  
Mohammad Ali Haider Chauhan Assistant Professor [email protected] 3379  
Abdul Ghafar Lecturer [email protected] 3346  
Ramla Sadiq Assistant Professor [email protected] 3348  
Mueen-ud-Din-Azad Assistant Professor [email protected] 3394  
Kamran Hameed Research Associate [email protected] 3390  
Mubbasher Munir Lecturer [email protected] 3346  
Noman Arshed Lecturer [email protected] 3362  
Sami Ullah Bajwa Assistant Professor [email protected] 3315  
Dr Yasir Rashid Acting Chairperson Department of Marketing [email protected] 3353  
Dr Muhammad Moeen Assistant Professor [email protected] 3394  
Khawar Sultana Senior Research Associate [email protected] 3374  
Tahseen Mohsan Khan Assistant Professor [email protected] 3348  
Usman Khalid Lecturer [email protected] 3356  
Dr Safia Nosheen Assistant Professor [email protected] 3348  
Maimoona Waseem Research Associate [email protected] 3312  
Dr Nauman Shah Acting Chairperson Department of Information Systems [email protected] 3370  
Tariq Waheed Qureshi Assistant Professor [email protected]  
Dr Waqas Farooq Assistant Professor [email protected] 3378  
Muhammad Ibrahim Saeed Research Associate [email protected] 3375  
Tooba Arshad Research Associate [email protected] 3491  
Dr Maqbool H Sial Chairperson Department of Quantitative Methods [email protected] 3380  
Dr Muhammad Umer Azeem Assistant Professor [email protected]  
Dr Hafeez Ur Rehman Chairperson Department of Economics [email protected] 3408  
Adeel S Shaikh Assistant Professor [email protected] 3371  
Saqib Farid Lecturer [email protected]  
Dr Ammar Aftab Raja Assistant Professor [email protected] 3332  
Aysha Qayyum Assistant Professor [email protected]  
Fizza Kanwal Research Associate [email protected] 3358  
Kinza Younas Research Associate [email protected] 3358  
Dr Syed Ahmad Ali Assistant Professor [email protected] 3379  
Dr Muhammad Akib Warraich Assistant Professor [email protected] 3351  
Shandana Waheed Lecturer [email protected]  
Dr Barry Healy Assistant Professor [email protected] 3344  
Dr Bilal Wajid Assistant Professor [email protected]  
Sheheryar Muhammad Khan Lecturer [email protected] 3338  
Fatima Nawaz Lecturer [email protected] 3354  
Khuram Shahzad Assistant Professor [email protected]  
Dr Saira Sharif Lecturer [email protected]  
Syed Muhammad Muslim Raza Lecturer [email protected]  
Hui Qi Instructor [email protected] 3491  
Muhammad Bilawal Khan Lecturer [email protected]  
Aqib Zeeshan Teaching Fellow [email protected]  
Sana Afzal Research Associate [email protected]  
Faryal Ashraf Research Associate [email protected]  
Javeria Badar Khan Research Associate [email protected]  
Dr Rana Zamin Abbas Research Fellow [email protected]  


Rabia Ihsan Senior Officer Academics [email protected]  
Hamid Asif Program Associate (Undergraduate Studies) [email protected] 3422  
Syed Mohsin Ali Coordinator [email protected] 3393  
Rashid Mahmood Coordinator [email protected] 3374  
Hamza Masood Department Coordinator [email protected] 3367  
Qadeer Ahmed Program Coordinator [email protected] 3393  
Malik Muhammad Arif Coordinator Executive Evening Programs [email protected] 3367  
Malik Muhammad Zahid Class Coordinator [email protected] 3375  
Faizan Elahi Senior Officer Academics [email protected] 3352  
Sana Sameen Sabir Senior Officer Academics [email protected] 3337  
Muhammad Usman Manager Industrial Linkages [email protected] 3331  
Zurabia Riaz Officer ERP Lab [email protected] 3643  
Hamnah Butt Senior Officer Academics [email protected] 3422  
Haseeb Arshad Program Associate (MBA Evening) [email protected] 3372  
Muhammad Tanveer Aslam Officer Academics [email protected] 3451  
Jawad Raza Coordinator [email protected] 3360  
Neelofur Ayesha Senior Officer Coordination [email protected] 3354  
Muhammad Rehman Maqbool Officer Coordination [email protected] 3345  
Abdul Qadir Officer Academics [email protected] 3371  
Ayesha Hamid Officer Academics [email protected] 3354  
Romila Qamar Editorial Assistant [email protected]  
Maryam Nazir Officer Academics [email protected] 3337  
Seher Afzal Officer Academics [email protected] 3339  
Fahad Assad Senior Officer Academics [email protected] 3370  
Anam Naeem Associate Linguistics Expert  
SIdra Raza Editorial Assistant [email protected] 3641  
Khadija Naz Editorial Assistant [email protected] 3312  
Khadija Tarar Officer CETA [email protected] 3312  
Aimen Rashid Officer Academics [email protected]  
Ghina Rehman Officer Academics [email protected] 3343  
Syed Mughees Ul Hassan Editorial Assistant [email protected] 3641  


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