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Our mission is to prepare students meticulously for their professional achievements. We do it so by enabling them to govern the corporate world with the excellence imparted by the Dr Hasan Murad School of Management (HSM), and transform them into Entrepreneurs and Managers through standardized and mature pedagogy.


The Full Time MBA (Master of Business Administration) is our flagship, unique, exclusive and designed for the MBA Program 2021 academically, socially and interpersonally competitive students from all over Pakistan, and beyond.

The pattern, rigor, processes and benchmarks of this MBA program are developed by keeping the global standards in mind. With quality intake assessed on multiple components, this MBA differentiates itself from other programs all over Pakistan.

Leading academicians and corporate leaders are the custodians and mentors of the courses taught in this MBA. The courses represent diversity and corporate relevance. Courses are taught through innovative teaching methodologies by one of the finest faculty in the country. Assessments are done through various methods such as case studies, problem based learning, labs and simulations. Students are motivated to work in groups from day one, and trained to accept the complexities of the real life situations.

Our graduates will not only be placed in top organizations of Pakistan, but also worldwide. This MBA enables students to think globally. Students are motivated to interact with the international academicians and students from our partner universities worldwide. Foreign faculty is invited on a regular basis to give a global perspective on corporate situations. Students are also motivated and facilitated to travel internationally and gain exposure and experience necessary during MBA.

The quality of the intake, exclusivity, intense and rigorous learning experience, international exposure and efficient corporate jobs placements make this MBA different, unique and the first choice for students all over Pakistan.

Program Objectives of MBA

  • To hone participants abilities through a well-developed and diversified program designed to equip graduates with essential leadership skills.

  • To develop participants expertise in order to increase their resourcefulness in better decision-making.

  • To prepare participants for steering an organization through the difficult and turbulent global and domestic environment and enable the development of an implementable strategic business plan that not only addresses the financial but social and environmental issues as well.

  • To produce students who have well-rounded entrepreneurial skills - who not only have great ideas, but can also make things happen by starting their own ventures.

  • To enhance the proficiency of the students and groom them to deal with the complex business situations.

Pathways in MBA

There are two pathways in MBA Program. To get admission in a specific pathway depends entirely on the qualification of the participant. The criterion of different pathways is defined by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. The brief description of these pathways, click the above links.

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