Learning at HSM

HSM innovative programs are designed for individuals who desire to obtain up-to-date management and technology knowledge, skills, and insights. With global competition and rapidly changing technology, lifelong learning is a necessity. Successful people need to continually update their skills and knowledge or they risk falling behind.

HSM at UMT offers a broad range of programs consisted of research and practical implicatoins in the corporate world for professional development of the individuals. These programs focus on contemporary management and technology issues, achieving a balance between theory and practical applications. HSM-UMT also provides training and consulting services to companies and government agencies, and carries out research efforts to serve industry, government, and communities. All these factors contribute to make HSM the top business school in Lahore, Pakistan.

Our faculty members have extensive management and technology education experience working for and with major companies, non-profit organizations, and government agencies. UMT professors have educated more than 25,000 managers throughout the world during the past decade. Our clients include businesses, governments, and non-profit organizations worldwide. With convenient evening and weekend classes, students can obtain an education on their own time. 

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