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Mission Statement

The mission of the MS (Data Science) is: To devise and develop highly dedicated efficient performance computing cluster to disseminate large scale processing jobs using Hadoop and similar other open-source software framework.
The career-oriented curricula will concentrate on both technical and personal/business competences to enhance the student’s capabilities for a factual working milieu. The academically based skills will be nurtured to an ascent and will develop professionals to work on multiple projects simultaneously. The Data Scientists will be advising, the business professionals, local and national bodies in research, government, business, and industry.

Program Objectives

The Dr Hasan Murab School of Management (HSM) at UMT is foreseeing the challenges ahead both at national and international level and the utility of data science.  In Pakistan the multi dimensional economy integrated with globalization needs a boost assisted by professionally trained and skilled Data Scientists, whom may incorporate and harmonize the unlimited bucket of resources, pouring in from springs of industry, agriculture, business, human resources etc. in a manner to achieve efficiency to its apex.
In the competitive economy the companies need to adapt data science to gain a competitive advantage in productivity, profitability and sustainable business processes to offer better products and services to their customers. To attain this goal trained and skilled workforce in this area is the need of the hour; who are equipped to manage, understand and model the data, interpret the outcome and communicate the results for business use. Professionals holding a degree in Data Science will be well positioned to help their organizations gain a competitive advantage in a data-driven world.


Data Science is a multidisciplinary field that combines the applied side of Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Physics, Linguistics, Phonology, and Cognitive Science. There is a high demand for Big Data Experts, Data-Miners, Data and Business Analysts, Forensic Analysts, and Management Scientists in the current multi facet scenario. The Dr Hasan Murad School of Management, University of Management and Technology, professionally well supported by IBM Academic Initiatives, has designed the program to impart the analytical skills and knowledge needed to create and sustain the competitive advantage needed by the region.

Career Opportunities

The participants after successfully completing the MS Data Science are expected to be eligible for a wide variety of entry level positions in Data Science. They can be considered for jobs in public as well as private educational institutions, research organizations, telecommunication, State Bank of Pakistan and commercial banks. They can also hold positions in various Federal and Provincial ministries.

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Chairperson Dept. of Information Systems    

Dr. Ammar Aftab Raja
[email protected]

Batch Advisor

Dr. Ammar Aftab Raja

Support Staff

Fahad Assad
[email protected] 


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