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Bachelor of Business and Information Systems (BBIS)

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Introduction Information systems are the foundation of modern organizations. Companies of all sizes heavily dependant on these systems to support their decision making process. Organizations need professionals who can pull together results of their efforts into value-adding solutions using Information Technology.

BBIS offers both a coursework and an Industry Based Learning (IBL). Once students finish their course work, they are required to gain industry experience in their final year through our corporate partners. It enables them to put their knowledge and skills into practice on a real-life problem. The degree has been designed to produce information and business sense graduates and equips them for new business-critical information system roles.Mission is to provide students clout on best use of Information Systems for cutting the cost, time and resources in order to amplify the revenue by restructuring the business processes and by engaging conceptual, analytical and managerial competencies transformed by outcome based learning experience.Career ProspectsInformation services and business systems are closely coupled in the contemporary world. The information services industry is one of the most rapidly growing and changing industries. A career in information systems is a promising one.

Information Systems field has diverse career options. These include job titles such as Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Manager Information System (MIS), Project Manager, ICT Business Analyst, ICT System Analyst, Enterprise Resource Planning Consultant, Technology Consultant, Information System Engineer, Information System Security Specialist, Website Developer and Internet Security Officer.

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