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BS Operations and Supply Chain Management

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Operations and Supply Chain Management deal with the aspects of business related to production and movement of goods and services to and from the customers. Design of products is actually integrated by different departments and one of them is production. BS Operations and Supply Chain Management (BS OSCM) will provide the participants with requisite knowledge, skills, and expertise to perform these functions successfully. This program will equip participants to make strategic contributions towards more efficient and effective functioning of firms.


Mission of BS OSCM is to provide participants with cutting-edge knowledge, skills, and expertise in developing and managing operations and supply chain functions in the firms.


The objective of BS OSCM program is to develop individuals who:

  • are well versed with the role of Operations and Supply Chain Management in firms
  • understand the tools and techniques required to develop and optimize Operations and Supply Chain functions 
  • understand how Operations and Supply Chain integrate with other functions of the organizations such as finance and marketing


Operations and supply chain management functions are two major cost components for firms. The rationale for BS OSCM is to develop managers well versed with the tools and techniques required to overcome current and potential challenges in these important areas of business.


Upon the successful completion of the program students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate their knowledge in the major areas of operations and supply chain management.
  • Understand the changing role of operations and supply chain management in global business environment.
  • Understand ethical and legal frameworks for business.
  • Realize the role of other organizational functions in the success of operations and supply chain.
  • Assimilate knowledge and technology in understanding and solving business problems.

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Chairperson Dept. of Operations and Supply Chain

Dr. Haris Aslam
[email protected]

Officer Coordination

Muhammad Rehman Maqbool Bhutta
[email protected]


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