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The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a four years’ degree program that offers the fundamental concepts required in today's business world. The program is tailored around the basic areas of business, management, economics, marketing, accounting, and finance. It trains students to develop an understanding and appreciation of the global business environment. Furthermore, the students will be guided by high ethical standards to operate in the local business environment. A distinctive feature of the BBA program is that it incorporates within the curriculum major an emphasis on the development of students' fundamental learning skills, for example: reasoning and quantitative abilities; as well as communication and computing skills which they will need for responsible leadership roles in their careers.


The world has become a global village. The ever growing competition is stretching every organization’s ability to achieve sustainable competitive advantage. Organizations are striving to capture every available opportunity to increase productivity. The intense global competition creates a high need for business managers who are equipped with business knowledge and who are able to keep up with the industry. Bachelor of Business Administration provides the students with all the credentials which are essential to become a good business manager or entrepreneur.


UMT, as a provider of business education, aim to produce business graduates who can stand shoulder to shoulder with graduates from the leading Higher Education Institutes within South Asian region. We will achieve our goals by actualizing strategic partnerships with stakeholders including students; their parents; the faculty; corporate employers as well as our employees and the society at large. We will create value for both business and academia by engaging graduates in useful research and consultancy projects. School of Business and Economics has emerged as one of the best schools for business studies in Lahore , Pakistan in a considerably short span of time. We  are committed to retain this excellence by offering the best BBA program in the region. All these aims will be fostered by instilling enduring values and global best practices.

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