Department of Skills Development

Corporate Collaborations

SBE SKD will be of critical value to UMT’s corporate and social outreach. The department will uphold the values of UMT by extending the resources of the University into the community and region by providing high quality academic skills and Professional Development opportunities for all manner of students.SBE SKDprograms will nurture a model that will harness the expertise and synergies of all the SBE faculty members to offer: individual development courses; programs leading to a certificate and/or diploma; as well as group training workshops.

The idea is that industry and corporate requirement is and should always be the main focus of the work performed, enabled, and enhanced by SBE SKD. The current state of affairs in Pakistan means that the higher education structure in Pakistan is not at the standard it should be and therefore potential management trainees (i.e. graduating students) are not at the level they should be when entering the hiring process. A strong business focus and pre groomed trainee resources are key to meeting and exceeding corporate expectations in the highly competitive Pakistan employment market and indeed foreign job markets as well. This will without question contribute to SBE SKD being at the forefront for the social well-being and the economy uplift of our country through providing a high number of competitive and competent ‘industry ready’ graduates.

SBE SKD through carefully selected collaborations with industry and corporate entities would earn a reputation as a significant resource for the progress of industry as a whole and spread innovation.SBE SKD will offer highly rated open enrolment programs specifically designed in conjunction with collaborating partners. The programs would include a comprehensive skills development and a practical training program custom designed to serve the purpose of delivering top class management trainee resources unparalleled in Pakistan.

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