Department of Skills Development

The University of Management and Technology (UMT) is one of the fastest growing private universities in Pakistan. Being based in Punjab Province, it has succeeded in creating a name for itself despite the competition based in Lahore and beyond. Indeed after simultaneous strategic initiatives the University’s School of Business and Economics (SBE) has successfully acquired accreditations with the prestigious South Asia Quality Systems (SAQS) and National Business Education Accreditation Council (NBEAC).

This is unprecedented in Pakistan as a whole and SBE is comfortably the best accredited Business School in Pakistan. Now the school needs to build upon this success and create a SBE brand. This is where carefully thought out strategies need to be created with subsequent convergence being the requirement.

In Pakistan there is a dearth of such institutes, thereby the new integrated SBE SKD structure would be a first of its kind department in Punjab to be housed within a University that will collaborate with the industry and corporate entities to produce entry level management trainees with specifically required skills. The department will further seek to establish linkages with industry and corporate institutions to develop joint programs and to develop the collaborative approach towards co-curricular teaching and learning in Pakistan.

SBE SKD has been restructured whereby: formal academic skills counseling; business communication; professional grooming and workplace behavior training would be offered in line with local and global best practices, latest teaching methods and technology. It will have a well-defined structure with certain aspects of the development strategy education inculcated within the formal academic curriculum of the respective schools within UMT. There will also be elements of the development strategy which will be available only on open enrolment in conjunction with collaborating professionals.

The open enrolment programs will be delivered by trained faculty and current industry professionals both local and international. SBE SKD has also initiated a research agenda with expected high levels of local and international visibility in addition to extensive industry connections and input. Chairman SBE SKD further believes that this production of top class graduates will fulfill local and worldwide demand. In collaboration with corporate institutions, the University will be able to offer its current and graduating students improved opportunities through careful skills grooming for employment home and abroad.

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