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Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship

Introduction Program Summary Program Structure

Mission Statement

The mission of this program is to advance, motivate and inculcate an entrepreneurship mindset and knowledge that will prepare students as learned leaders who positively contribute to the industry and society by learning digital tools vital to entrepreneurship.

Program Objectives

The BS Entrepreneurship Program aims to produce professionals who will transform the landscape of the Pakistani Industry and entrepreneurial ventures by incorporating digital tools required in this era for successful and effective entrepreneurship. Our nation is on the brink of rising to compete with global superpowers; all it needs is suitable policies, infrastructure development, and most importantly the right human resource. That’s where the BS Entrepreneurship program steps in to take the lead by producing the most professional, well-educated, groomed, and skilled on tools and visionary marketers and entrepreneurs.

According to research, Punjab can generate US $ 2 Billion annually creating 243,000 jobs as stated by the Punjab Growth Strategy 2023. This will then generate revenues through investment in new startups. Based on these statistics, BSEN can form a viable career path for aspiring students.

Career Opportunities

With a limited job market and an increasing interest in startups around the globe, this degree program will equip you for the following roles

  1. Entrepreneur
  2. Freelancer
  3. Digital Marketing Executive
  4. Digital PR Executive
  5. Online Lead Generator
  6. Online Business Development Executive
  7. Brand and Advertising Executives
  8. Digital Marketing/ Social Media Executives
  9. Performance Marketer
  10. SEO and PPC
  11. Content and Blog Writer
  12. Assistant Project Managers for Digital Marketing Projects
  13. Market Research Analyst
  14. Marketing Analytics Executive
  15. Sales and Business Development Rep
  16. Marketing ERP Executive

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Chairperson Dept. of Marketing

Dr. Farrah Arif
[email protected]

Support Staff

Fatima Baig
[email protected]

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