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MBAGM (GLOBAL MANAGEMENT) is the program for future leaders, to create a platform for the students leading to a journey towards success, developing professionals and future international ambassadors who acquire global prospective of current world environment. This program ensures a vibrant, highly ambitious driven class profile, amalgamation of nations. MBA GM program bridges up the knowledge gaps that MBA should be covering in advance business era of the world.

MBAGM core focus is to transform lives, developing effective and responsible leaders by creating insightful knowledge and inspiring minds in dialogue with the world around us. It is not a regress investment of time; it’s the initiative to join the world with broad range of global perspective that ensure the quality of education and value addition in knowledge of business graduates

MBA Global Management offers courses that are specially designed not just to focus only on enhancing the business acumen but to enlighten the abilities and skills, knowing the know-how to apply and use interpersonal skills in work environment in effective manner. Program offers an interesting opportunity to understand and explore global business initiatives. This is an investment towards acquiring cross culture expertise, honing your business skills, global management exposure and leadership capabilities. We focus on cross- functional experiences, emphasize on the importance of learning through interaction between international faculty, mentors, business experts and global leaders.

This program does not only focus on enhancing the business acumen only it polishes the abilities and skill that how to apply and utilize and use interpersonal skills in work environment. For Global vision and global perspective of the globe and of business curriculum is designed to meet the challenges of advance era. Grooming and polishing the skills to shine out brightly around the globe. Students in the MBAGM program will be surrounded by like-minded, elite students with diverse cultural and professional backgrounds and an unwavering passion for all things “global.” They will also learn from professors who draw from first-hand experiences working and living in countries around the globe.


To drive success in today’s dynamic global environment, you need more than traditional management skills. You need a global mindset, skill set and point of view. That’s because all we do, all we are, is global.

MBAGM is a program that brings the world into your classroom and your classroom into the world through various global study opportunities in locations around the globe. MBAGM intends to enhance skills which are needed for MBA graduates, individuals capable of originating new ideas and perspectives. An MBAGM graduate will have excellent communication skills, able to think out of the box to manage decision making process, ability to work as a team and value opinions of others.


  • MBAGM provides an opportunity for participants to gain international exposure going through a rigorous learning process while attending different universities in multiple countries
  • MBAGM intends to develop a more thorough understanding of global business and cultures. It develops global leaders with the ability to understand any professional situation in a global perspective
  • MBAGM presents students with the opportunity to understand global processes and practices to further enhance and build a stronger perception of different countries, value systems and business cultures
  • MBAGM intends to build strong international corporate connections, useful for the graduates of this program
  • MBAGM is a journey to define, develop, innovate and transform a global career


MBA Global Management (MBAGM) aims to create an environment in University of Management and Technology (UMT) which develops academic and professional graduates with an astute understanding of the global business environment. Focus on cross- functional experiences, emphasizing the importance of learning through interaction among faculty, mentors, business experts and future leaders. MBAGM will create opportunities to develop leaders eager to learn, innovate, take initiatives and drive company growth exponentially. MBAGM will provide a mix of globally recognized faculty, curriculum of highest international standards, and career opportunities across borders.


On successful completion of the program, the participants should be able to:

  • Exhibit international exposure gained throughout the course duration
  • Possess cross cultural communication skills
  • Develop knowledge creation and strategic management skills
  • Attain enhanced internationally oriented career prospects
  • Exchange experience and strategic management in global perspective
  • Build professional networks to start a journey of a global career path


A participant will study four to five courses per semester for successful completion of degree program within the stipulated time period. The number may vary depending upon the countries visited, but all the required credit hours for the program will be met. Course pack curriculum guide will be prepared and ready for participants prior to course registration. Emphasis will be placed upon practical work keeping in view the course requirements and the ambassadorial participant’s requirements/interests around the globe for which she/he is working in during the program.


The teaching methodology used for the MBA Global Management Program will include:

  • Interactive sessions
  • Joint class sessions
  • Group activities
  • Projects
  • Readings
  • Seminars
  • Videos and interactive simulations
  • Lectures

Other teaching methodology may be added as per the requirement of various courses.


Class format will be based upon rich theoretical content blended with other activities like case studies, brainstorming group discussions, scenario analysis & decision making, experiential exercises, simulations, business games, role play, class activities, article readings, presentations etc. as part of the overall teaching methodology. All this will be complemented with other innovative teaching techniques, practical assignments and diverse cultural experience making the MBA Global Management program is an ambassadorial scholastic international program of SBE.

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Program Director

Mohammad Ali Haider Chauhan


Support Staff

Sarmad Amin Khan


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