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The journey in UMT was very advantageous and gave me courage to follow my dreams. Teachers helped me to choose right path which has gained me enough in my career. Few of my achievements include; training more than 1500 employees; receiving “Outstanding Achievement Awards, developing an Integrated Management System (IMS) Manual Based upon ISO 9001: 2008, ISO14001: 14001 & OHSAS 18001: 2007 for ESCS and developed the Policies, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Integrated System Procedures, Standing Operating Records (SORs / Forms & Formats) and Process Flows for all existing (10) departments at ESCS. Besides this I have also developed 11 Newsletters of Emirates Supply Chain Services (Pvt.) Ltd. And wrote 10 different articles in quarterly based Newsletters of Emirates Supply Chain Services (Pvt.) Ltd. I dedicate all my achievements to my worthy teachers who supported me and helped me.

Faraz Ahmed
Human Resources Executive, Management Representative & Internal Lead Auditor
Emirates Supply Chain Services (Pvt.) Ltd.
Lahore, Pakistan

UMT Alumni Testimonials

The message I learned from UMT was to learn, share and groom to succeed in career. I must thank leadership of UMT Dr. Hassan Sohaib Murad and teachers of SBE-UMT for their contributions. UMT has equipped me with knowledge to join corporate sector successfully, the art of emotional intelligence and consistency. 

I wish UMT grows more day by day and continues to produce great minds. In sha Allah.

Abdul Salam
Head of HR Rewards
Advanced Electronics Company Head Quarter
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

UMT Alumni Testimonials

I believe UMT is the right place when it comes to the real spirit of what "learning" is all about,  since the experienced faculty of UMT makes sure that students are not just left with bookish content in their minds but conceptual framework in their hearts too. 

Today, I am a proud UMTian with my learnt knowledge, skills & abilities which would have never been that competitive to the extent they are now if I wouldn't have studied at UMT. I give all the credit to UMT for making me what I am today. And I would like to thank for provisioning us with best faculty and encompassing best knowledge within hearts & minds of students.

Sidra Ume-Kalsoom Rai
HR Associate
MCB House
Lahore, Pakistan

UMT Alumni Testimonials

About UMT, I would like to say that; the sleepless nights during MBA at SBE-UMT gave me the necessary knowledge and skills to keep myself in the top 5% at all the forums worldwide. The uniqueness earned through a vast variety of distinct courses studied helped to remain prominent while making my MSc in Germany and PhD in China.

Saood Qaseem
Regional Coordinator

UMT Alumni Testimonials

UMT has played a key role in setting high standards of education and most importantly SBE is producing business professionals who are highly dedicated to their careers. Throughout the four years in UMT I have improved in many aspects of my life.

My communication skills and knowledge of research work have very much improved and it is all due to efforts of my teachers. UMT has polished my skills, made me confident and set directions for my life. I am proud of whatever I am today and all is because of UMT.

Faryal Ashraf
Research Assistant
Lahore, Pakistan

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