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Dr Mian Muhammad Haris Aslam

Assistant Professor

School of Business and Economics

Department of Operations and Supply Chain

 : [email protected]     : 3364   

Haris Aslam is Assistant Professor at the Department of Operations and Supply Chain, UMT. He has over 12 years of teaching and professional experience. He teaches courses in the areas of Operations, Quality and Supply Chain Management. He holds a PhD in Management from University of Management and Technology. He is also an IRCA (UK) accredited lead auditor for ISO 9000 quality management system. He has published frequently in national and international journals such as: International Journal of Operations and Production Management, International Journal of Knowledge Management, Journal of Modeling in Management, Pakistan Journal of Commerce and Social Sciences and many others. His areas of interest include supply chain capabilities, behavioral operations and supply chain management, quality practices in supply chains, and sustainable supply chain management.


Assistant Professor, Department of Operations and Supply chain, University of Management & Technology (2011 to date)
Lecturer, Department of Marketing and Supply chain, University of Management & Technology (2008 to 2011)
Director Operations, Al-Barakah Trust (Feb 06 to Feb 08)


Journal Articles
  • Aslam, H., Blome, C., Roscoe, S., & Azhar, T. M. (2018). Dynamic supply chain capabilities: how market sensing, supply chain agility and adaptability affect supply chain ambidexterity. International Journal of Operations and Production Management.
  • Aslam, H., & Rashid, K. (2018). Incorporating customer requirements in designing academic graduate program: a case of using quality function deployment. UMT Education Review, 1(1), 67-78.
  • Aslam, H., & Azhar, T. M. (2018). Dynamic capabilities and performance: a supply chain perspective. Pakistan Journal of Commerce & Social Sciences, 12(1).
  • Aslam, H., Rashid, K., Wahla, A. u. R., & Tahira, U. (2018). Drivers of green supply chain management practices and their impact on firm performance: a developing country perspective. Journal of Quantitative Methods, 2(1), 88-114.
  • Bajwa, S. U., Shahzad, K., & Aslam, H. (2017). Exploring Big-5 personality traits and gender as predictors of entrepreneurs’ cognitive adaptability. Journal of Modelling in Management, 12(1), 143-161
  • Ahmed, F., Shahzad, K., Aslam, H., Bajwa, S. U., & Bahoo, R. (2016). The Role of Collaborative Culture in Knowledge Sharing and Creativity among Employees. Pakistan Journal of Commerce and Social Sciences, 10(2), 335-358.
  • Ramish, A., & Aslam, H. (2016). Measuring Supply Chain Knowledge Management (SCKM) Performance based on Double / Triple Loop Learning Principle. International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management, 65(5).
  • Shahzad, K., Aslam, M. H., Kitchlew, N., & Bajwa, S. U. (2015). Exploring dimensions and challenges of services quality in banking sector of Pakistan: a focus group methodology. International Journal of Electronic Customer Relationship Management, 9(4), 240-253.
  • Aslam, M. H., Siddiqi, A. F., Shahzad, K., & Bajwa, S. U. (2014). Predicting Student Academic Performance: Role of Knowledge Sharing and Outcome Expectations. International Journal of Knowledge Management (IJKM), 10(3), 18-35.
  • Mansoor, M.J., Khan, M.M.S., and Aslam, Haris. (2015), “Islamic House Financing in Pakistan: A Demand Analysis” , Islamic Banking and Finance Review, Vol.2, No1 pp.1-15 Aslam, M. M. H., Shahzad, K., Syed, A. R., & Ramish, A. (2013). Social Capital and Knowledge Sharing as Determinants of Academic Performance. Journal of Behavioral and Applied Management, 15(25-41).
  • Shahzad, K., Zia, S. A., Aslam, M. M. H., Syed, A. R., & Bajwa, S. U. (2013). Role of organizational vision and adaptability in knowledge management. Problems and Perspectives in Management, 11(2), 24-34.
  • Aslam, M. M. H., & Azhar, S. M. (2013). Globalization & Development: Challenges for Developing Countries. Int. J. Economic Policy in Emerging Economies, Vol. 6 (2), 158-167
  • Rashid, K., Aslam, H. (2012). Business Excellence through Total Supply Chain Quality Management: Asian Journal on Quality. Vol. 13 (3), 309-324

Conference Proceedings

  • Aslam, H., Mudassir, Muhammad., (2016). Performance Implications of Logistics Capabilities of 3PLs: Case of Pakistan. 5 th Asian Management Research and Case Conference, University of Wollogong, Dubai, 16-18 January, 2016.   
  • Rashid, K., M. M. H. Aslam, (2014, 3-6, June). Drivers of green supply chain management practices and their impact on firms' performance in a developing country. IISES 10th International Academic Conference  2014. Vienna, Austria.
  • Rashid, K. and M. M. H. Aslam (2013, 12-13 October). Designing MS Supply Chain Management program using quality function deployment. International Conference on Advances in Social Science, Management and Human Behaviour  (SMHB-2013). Zurich, Switzerland
  • Aslam, M. M. H., & Raouf, A. (2013, 26th-28th June). Quality Management in Pharmaceutical Supply Chains: Evidence from Pakistan. Paper presented at the International IIE Conference, Istanbul.
  • Aslam, M. M. H., Rashid, K., & Azhar, T. M. (2013, 26th-28th June). Incorporating the production plan at the focal firm in optimisation of the supply chain. Paper presented at the International IIE Conference, Istanbul.
  • Aslam, M.M.H. (2013, 27th-28th February). "Social capital and knowledge sharing as determinants of academic performance". 3rd International Conference on Business Management, Lahore.
  • Aslam, M. M. H., & Azhar, S. M. (2013, 15th-16th February). Globalization & Development: Challenges for Developing Countries. Paper presented at the SIBR Conference on Interdisciplinary Business and Economics Research, Kuala Lumpur.

Book Chapter

Aslam, M. M. H. and Raouf, A. (2015), "Quality Management in Pharmaceutical Supply Chains Developing-Country Perspective", in Sabuncuoglu, I., Kara, B. Y. and Bidanda, B. (Eds.) Industrial Engineering Applications in Emerging Countries, Taylor & Francis Group.


PhD Management, University of Management & Technology, (2018)
MS Supply Chain Management, University of Management and Technology (2011)


Patrons Medal in MS Supply Chain Program
Best Paper Award, Quality and Productivity Society of Pakistan, 2013


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