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Assistant Professor

School of Business and Economics

Department of Quantitative Methods

 : [email protected]     : 3394   

Mueen-ud-Din Azad has more than six years of teaching experience in GC University Lahore and University of Management and Technology (UMT), Lahore. He did M.S. Statistics from University of California Riverside–USA. His area of interests include: Probability Models, Biological Models, Order Random Variables and Multivariate Analysis. He published Six research papers in local (HEC Approved) and international journals. Mueen has also presented his research in various conferences.


 M.S. Statistics (University of California Riverside–USA)

M. Phil.  Statistics (GC University Lahore–Pakistan)

M. Sc. Statistics (Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan–PAKISTAN)

Field of Interest:

 Probability Models

Biological Models

Order Random Variables

Multivariate Analysis




  • Siddiqa, M., Azad, M., Pervaiz, M. K., Ghias, M., Shah, G. H., & Hafeez, U. (2012). “Survival Analysis of Dialysis Patients Under Parametric And Non-Parametric Approaches” Electronic Journal of Applied Statistical Analysis, Vol. 5 Issue 2, p271-288.
  • Azad, M.; Pervaiz, G. and Pervaiz, M. K. (2007) “Most Significant Risk Factors for Head and Neck Cancer” Journal of Statistics, Vol 14 (1) P 01–12  ISSN: 1684-8403
  • Ayaz, A; Pervaiz, M. K.; Azad, M. and Pervaiz, G. (2006) “Risk Factors of Enteric Fever in Children Less Than 15 Years of Age  (A cross sectional study based on 530 children under Risk of Enteric Fever)” Journal of Statistics, Vol 13 (1) P 82–100  ISSN: 1684-8403
  • Shereen, S; Pervaiz, M. K. and Azad, M. (2006) Identification of Epidemiological Risk Factors of Birth Asphyxia (A Cross-Sectional study Based on 725 New Born Babies)”. BIOLOGIA, HEC approved and ISI (USA) Indexed Research Journal. Vol 52(1) P 91-103 ISSN: 0006-3096
  • Khan, S.Z.; Pervaiz, M.K. and Azad, M. (2005) “Selection of Single Sampling Plan on the Basis of AQL, AOQL, ATI and LTPD: A Case Study on Haleeb Food Ltd., Lahore ”. Journal of Statistics, Vol 12 (1) P 17-21 ISSN: 1684-8403
  • Khan, S.Z.; Pervaiz, M.K. and Azad, M. (2005) “Statistical Process Control: A Case Study on Haleeb Foods Ltd., Lahore”. Journal of Statistics, Vol 12 (1) P 11-16 ISSN: 1684-8403




  • National Conference on Professional Development of Teachers at Higher Education Commission of Pakistan – 2007. "Strengths and Weaknesses of Teachers Involved in Higher Education (A Case Study)"   organized by the National Academy of Higher Education, HEC, Pakistan.
  • National Conference on Changing Role of Teacher in the Era of Globalization–2007."Teacher's own Perception about their Performance" organized by Institute of Education and Research (IER), Punjab University, Lahore, Collaboration Canada Pakistan Basic Education Project (CPBEP)
  • International Conference on Statistical Sciences with Special Reference to Survival Data Analysis–2007. "Parametric and Non-Parametric Tests for Comparing Survival Distributions: An Empirical Study"  organized by Department of Statistics, GC University Lahore with collaboration of Higher Education Commission (HEC) and Pakistan Science Foundation
  • 1st International Conference on Assessing Quality in Higher Education–2006. "Quality Teaching and Research: Prerequisites, Accomplishment and Assessment" organized by Punjab University’s Institute of Quality and Technology Management.



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