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The program emphasizes to develop a comprehensive theoretical and analytical approach encompassing both the quantitative and qualitative techniques based on the research hub of the scholars. To achieve this objective the students are exposed to recent developments in the theoretical framework across the Glob and encouraged to polish their skills by incorporating the basic conceptual tools with the forthcoming advancements addressing to complex data generation processes. The knowledge and application of current statistical software packages like R-language, STATA, SAS, and MINITAB etc. accredits them to synchronize with the theoretical models under real life situations. The students on their part are induced and encouraged to give their best intellectual and scholastic input to qualify for the degree.

Career Prospects:

PhD program offers multi-dimension opportunities to the scholars. These program best suits to those seeking research and teaching careers in future. The program tenure shapes them to earn fame at the National or International stage. They can exhibit their efficacy by synthesizing the future National education agenda by adopting academic profession. They can also be very successful in industrial enhancement research programs by playing strategic role in decision making on the basis of their profound knowledge and training in research.

Admission Criteria:

  • Eighteen years degree or MS with a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.0 out of 4.
  • Written entry test to be qualified.
  • Interview to be cleared.

Curriculum Structure:

The PhD in Management Sciences is a full time 5 years program that is further extendable to two years.

In one and a half year, students are required to pursue coursework of 18 credit hours of which 27 credit hours are required to build a strong foundation of research in both the qualitative and quantitative fields.

The students have flexibility to choose further 12 credit hours course offerings depending upon the chosen stream of studies. On the guidance of the supervisory committee the students may be required to take further minimum of 6 credit hours in any area of deficiency.






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Chairperson Dept. of Economics and Statistics

Dr. Hafeez ur Rehman
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Support Staff

Naima Shehzadi
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