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PhD Management Sciences

Introduction Program Summary Program Structure

Course Work (18 credit hours)

The PhD program offers the following elective courses:

  • Advanced Techniques in Quantitative Research (core course)
  • Advanced Techniques in Qualitative Research (core course)
  • Globalization and the Firms
  • Management of Public Sector Organization
  • New Sciences and Management Research
  • Knowledge Management and Information Sciences
  • Management of Technology and Innovation
  • Economic Development and Policy
  • Consumer Behavior Models
  • Operations and Supply Chain Models
  • Seminar in Supply Chain Management
  • Seminar in Marketing
  • Seminar in Theory Building in Management Sciences
  • Service System and Management

Comprehensive Examination

Before the commencement of thesis, every student has to take a comprehensive examination to demonstrate his/her grasp of knowledge that he/she acquired in the area of research. The comprehensive examination will be of 8 hours duration. The aim of the examination is to determine the student's ability to draw on the knowledge he/she acquired through an integrated framework. The grading will be based on Pass/Fail option.

Doctoral Thesis (27 credit hours)

Thesis write-up will start after the approval of the research proposal by Board of Advanced Studies and Research. Final doctoral thesis as per HEC policy is sent abroad for evaluation from two foreign experts. On the basis of the Evaluation Report by foreign experts the student will be required to take a Viva examination. The examiners will include external and internal examiner and where possible the foreign experts who evaluated the written thesis. All scholars must publish a scholarly paper in an HEC recognized journal for the award of PhD degree.

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