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The mission of PhD Economics is in line with the officially laid out mission of University of Management and Technology. This program is designed to meet the growing needs and challenges faced by the Pakistani economy. It aims at providing an environment for PhD scholars to develop knowledge and skills through latest research techniques. Through quality research, our PhD holders may help the policy makers in solving original and complex economic problems faced by the country and to compete in present global economy.

Graduates of our PhD program will have ample opportunities to undertake advanced research in Economic Theory, Econometrics and applied branches of economics. This is accomplished by maintaining a comprehensive and challenging program in addition to advance level coursework, seminars and independent research under the supervision of qualified faculty. This program will prepare scholars through scholarship across disciplines, cultural diversity, scholarly integrity and inclusivity. This all will culminate in the completion and defense of a doctoral dissertation.

After graduation, our participants will look forward to placement in a broad array of institutional settings internationally and nationally including academia, policy research/planning and business enterprises around the globe.

Rationale and Program Objectives

The subject of Economics has become highly important in the face of fast-moving technology and increasing complexities in business and industry. In a world where problems are increasing multi-faceted, there is a need to have a group of analysts, qualified teachers and researchers. Our PhD Economics program provides an environment for students to acquire critical skills to compete in the present global economy.

PhD in Economics is aimed at offering a supportive learning environment for relevant education and training in all aspects of the economy through interaction with industry leaders, seasoned policy makers, experienced faculty and students from wide academic setting.

The major objectives of PhD program are:

a)    Making PhD scholars capable of conducting qualitative and quantitative research in Economics and other related disciplines.

b)   Developing competence to participate in evaluating scenarios of business and the economy.

c)    Preparing scholars to teach economic theory and policy in national and international educational institutions.

Career Prospects

PhD Economics program offers broad opportunities to the scholars. This program best suits those who are seeking careers in analytical research, higher education, business management and public policy and planning. The PhD degree holders from University of Management and Technology (UMT) will have vast opportunities in academics, public and private sector academia at both national and international levels.

Graduates can play an effective role in improving the quality of education by adopting academics as a profession. They can also be very successful in industry and can play a strategic role in decision making.

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Chairman & Batch Advisor

Dr. Hafeez ur Rehman 
h[email protected] 

Support Staff

Rashid Mahmood

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