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Master of Science in Business Analytics

Mission Statement

To enable the participants to develop capabilities for highly sophisticated and complex decisions making by proficiently applying analytical theories and articulating processes for both organizations at the local and global level.


Given the massive data being generated (Big Data) in the present environment defined by rapid diffusion of information technology, there is a need to develop capabilities in data analysis and organization of information necessary for decision making. However with continued innovation revolving around digital technologies, the internet and mobile computing, the amount of data, in terms of transactions, business interaction, serial exchanges and success, continues to grow exponentially. At this rate, there will soon be a shortage of talented analysts who can help organizations work with such big data.

The Business Analytics concentration within the MS degree program provides a strong foundation in ‘Data Analytics’ by bringing together a diverse body of knowledge from applied statistics, applied mathematics, computer science, optimization, consumer behavior, risk management, operations research and decision theory. The Participants will use this training to solve real problems in finance, marketing, accounting, and other disciplines.

Program Objectives

 Participants in this program will acquire knowledge in the new information systems design and development that explores how information flow is managed to enable seamless integration within organization and its value chains.

On graduation the participants of this program will be prepared to assist in strategic decision-making, developing strategy necessary to drive better business results by gaining the ability to transform data into a powerful and predictive strategic asset. Business Analytics is critical in preparing organizations to solve 21st-century business challenges and participants of this program will have exposure to innovative methodologies that support data driven decision making.

Career Prospects

Participants who graduate with an MS degree in Business Analytics will bring to the business world of multinational and local large corporations the quantitative capabilities and technical expertise to create business and social value by extracting useful insights and applying them in a variety of organizational settings. Some application areas include market based analysis, consumer behavior, social network and sentiment analysis, recommendation systems, fraud and crime detection, healthcare delivery, healthcare fraud, health sciences (e.g. genomics), supply chain, finance, cyber security, libraries and network security and large scale industrial organizations.

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Chairperson Department of Information Systems

Dr. Nauman Shah
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Batch Advisor

Dr. Nauman Shah

Support Staff

Fahad Assad
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