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MBA Corporate Strategy (Weekend)

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Why UMT MBA Corporate Strategy (Weekend) Program:

  • HEC recognized 2 Years MBA degree program
  • Trainings held over the weekends taught in executive teaching style.
  • Taught by Ph.D. professors and foreign qualified faculty
  • Cutting-edge curriculum
  • Does not require leave from business
  • Practical hands-on training approach
  • Training rooms in new purpose built building
  • Strong business networking with more than 25000 alumni across the world.
  • Local and global acceptance.

Current Status of MBA Corporate Strategy (Weekend) Program:

The School of Business and Economics is now successfully pursuing the four batches of MBA Corporate Strategy (Weekend) program simultaneously, in which 22 courses (trainings) have been successfully completed. These 22 courses are segregated on 66 extensive training modules. The day-long interactive sessions are based upon case studies, class presentations, experiential exercises, simulations, real-life scenarios and invigorating class discussions revolving around strategic choices that companies make for segmenting, targeting and positioning their products and brands. These trainings are attended by high profile corporate executives from multinational and national organizations of Pakistan like Coca-Cola International, Novartis Pharma, Pepsi Cola International, Allied Bank Pakistan, Kolson Lottee, Auriga Group of Companies, Gourmet Pharmaceuticals and Britannia etc.

Program Overview:

The MBA Corporate Strategy (Weekend) program for Corporate Managers is offered on the weekends from fall 2013 onwards.  A new and revamped teaching methodology is adopted into the training rooms to enhance the skill-based learning experience of the executives. MBA Corporate Strategy (Weekend) program is a 16 Years degree program consisting of 66 credit Hours as per HEC Policy for MBA Corporate Strategy (Weekend) program.

A single weekend executive course constitutes three (03) training modules. Each training module will be covered over one (1) weekend thus completing the 3 training modules over 3 weekends (Saturday’s and Sunday’s) followed by one (1) assessment week for project-based assessment. The MBA Corporate Strategy (Weekend) program is offered as a General MBA program.


The Objective of the MBA Corporate Strategy (Weekend) program is to provide a professional degree opportunity to managers who cannot take leave from work during the weekdays and who prefer to take courses on the term basis. This program will also be geared towards those executives working in the surrounding cities of Lahore and can only attend classes during the weekends, due to their work nature.

Program Background:

The MBA Corporate Strategy (Weekend) Program at UMT combines analytical intelligence of business with the creative intelligence of design to develop hybrid thinkers who are able to identify opportunities and can solve complex business challenges across industry sectors.

The program is intelligently spread over two (02) years and is ideally suited for middle and upper tier managers, government officers, personnel of the armed forces, business owners, directors, entrepreneurs.

Career Prospects

The successful completion of this program would lead participants to lucrative careers in the public and private sectors including large-scale business groups focusing on the extension of their business at national and international level.

This program also provides a solid platform for such individuals who are in pursuit of their career as successful businessmen and are able to handle the small-scale entrepreneur setup of their own or a joint venture with existing business groups in the market with the latest trend to tackle the turbulent markets with a timely and talented visionary approach.

It allows managers to build upon their existing business networks through their cohort groups, a vast alumni network of UMT and SBE’s Business Forum.

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