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I’m a student of BBIS in UMT. I’m in second semester and till now I have had enough good experiences in SBE-UMT. SBE has helped me through many difficulties. The staff here is very cooperative while teachers never discourage on consulting them other than their counseling hours. I have learned time management skills through my teachers. Moreover, it has also made me learn how to face difficult situations and cope with it positively. I feel good to be a part of SBE-UMT.

Alishba Ahmad
Bachelors of Business and Information Systems

My journey in UMT has been very positive till now. I have spent a year in SBE-UMT and I found the faculty and staff very cooperative. Whenever I come up with difficult situation I always found them responsive and supportive. Moreover, it has also advanced my communication skills through continuous communiqué with professors and PhDs. I feel thankful to SBE-UMT for providing me with positive learning environment.

Hira Ajmal
Bachelors of Business and Information Systems

UMT provides a good environment to the students for their learning, interaction, and participation. It has a diverse culture and brings together students from different areas around the world. SBE in particular has always been a school that stands out amongst others. The faculty is extraordinary talented, cooperative, caring and supportive. They motivate students to get maximum output from the students in their respective courses.

Aleena Shakil
Bachelors of Business Administration

I’m a student of BS-Finance in UMT. When someone asks me about my experience of three semesters in this university I feel glad to share that the university has helped me and served me in all possible ways. The university has brushed up my skills. And I’m still in process of learning new things from the outstanding faculty. I feel pleased to be the part of this university. 

Eman Safdar
Bachelors in Finance

I’m a student of BBIS in UMT. Being the part of UMT has gained me valuable experience till now. The faculty and the positive learning environment have groomed me to interact with people at my best. It has boosted up my confidence level and I can see the prominent improvement in my communication skills. I’m very glad to be the part of university which helps me enhance my skills for future betterment.

Momina Shabbir
Bachelors of Business and Information Systems

I did my bachelors in Software engineering and then chose to pursue MBA from same university, UMT. I faced a lot of criticism from friend and family on witching my field from IT to business. After a year of sticking with my decision and continuing the degree I made my parents feel proud on me and my friends regret not to choose the same degree. The efforts of MBA faculty for the progress of students are beyond explanation. Faculty encourages, motivate and cooperate with students and give them high exposure to entrepreneurial opportunities. There is a list of things which makes us believe that UMT is making efforts and cares for us. I’m proud to be a part of such prestigious university. 

Nadeem Sarwar Dar
Master of Business Administration (MBA Professional)

In my opinion, SBE is a very innovative place that has made me creative. In our fast moving world, thinking out of the box and aiming at new solutions are fundamental. The multicultural environment of UMT has enabled me to grow personally. It has not only broadened my horizon but has also given me  lot of opportunities to polish my skills for my professional life.

Muhammad Usman Basit
Bachelor of Business and Information Systems (BBIS)

School of Business Student

The MBA program has increased my level of confidence, communication skills, abilities and knowledge. I will advise all the fresh graduate and undergraduate students to consider UMT for business studies.

Amina Khalid
Master of Business Administration (MBA Professional)

UMT Business School Student

Doing BBIS from UMT is a great experience  because faculty members teaching these courses are highly skilled and efficient. Moreover, BBIS is a unique course which combines business and information system together in this era of technology. Being a part of BBIS I learned a lot new things. I am satisfied with my course because it combines two different fields together.

Syeda Faiza Fida
Bachelor of Business and Information Systems (BBIS)

UMT School Student

At UMT, I have been able to recognize my potential by taking part in educational as well as cultural programs. For business students, implied knowledge is very useful. Besides this, it offers main sources and facilities for our future plans and achievements for our goals. The most important thing for us is that we are well prepared and know how to deal with difficulties that may come along in our professional careers. I am really pleased and proud to be part of UMT.

Hyrah Bandesha
Master of Business Administration (MBA Professional)

UMT Business School Student

University education is crucial today for individual success and for nation’s growth as well. UMT is among the epitomes of institutions who believe in this conception. The idyllic education system is at the core of UMT’s BBA and MBA programs. The business programs at UMT are formulated in a way that is congruent to bringing out the best in the business students.

Alina Ikhlaq Mughal
Master of Business Administration (MBA Professional)

UMT Business School Student

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