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The financial services sector is highly competitive and rewarding however the intake requirements are changing and high-caliber, ambitious and technically-minded professionals are seeked. The goal of this specialized program in Financial Risk Management is to form experts who are able to perform their analysis of financial problems and developments within a sound theoretical and quantitative framework.

Their analysis should also enable them to work out or to adapt existing (company) strategies. Indeed, working in the financial sector is becoming much more demanding, but also very exciting. The deregulation of financial markets has opened many opportunities for financial service companies, investors, borrowers as well as for the government. Moreover, the quantitative nature of finance also requires a sound command of econometrics and data processing skills.

It is precisely the need of the financial community for people who are able to combine these economic, financial and quantitative skills that led the Department of Finance at University of Management and Technology to organize advanced studies in Financial Risk Management.


The MS Financial Risk Management seeks to enhance the frontier of knowledge and research in the field of Finance, Banking and Risk Management in the developing countries especially Pakistan, by bridging the gap between academia and industry. At the same time, the program will inculcate analytical, decision-making, and communication skills.

The program will also provide students with learning opportunities, both inside and outside of the classroom setting, that reflect the current state of knowledge and practice within the field and will prepare students for careers in business and/or doctoral work. The program will ensure students will benefit from a unique blend of rigor and relevance and Graduates have the quantitative skills required for a successful career in this industry.

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Chairperson Dept. of Finance 

Mr. Abdul Rafay

Director MS Program

Mr.Tahseen Mohsan Khan 

Support Staff

Faizan Elahi

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