Vision and Mission

  • SBE envisions its success in the sustainable contribution that it will make to the industry, academia and research as well as governmental and non-governmental organizations. SBE will lead by providing highly motivated, professionally competent, and ethically conscious human resources which will engage in the global, regional, national, and local context to foster socio-economic growth and sustainability for the society.
  • SBE believes in continuous learning utilizing every possible medium and opportunity. The programs of SBE remain inspired by the significance of SMEs and entrepreneurship to drive innovation, transformation and accelerate progress. In the spirit of collaborative framework, SBE forges learning partnerships with key stakeholders defining future and learning needs. The ongoing whole-person learning process focuses upon developing new structures, processes, and approaches to meet the emerging needs in an effective and efficient manner, building capacity for leadership and management at individual and organizational levels.

SBE Objectives

The top objectives of SBE are reflected in the quality of its programs are the acceptance of its graduates in the workplace. Broadly speaking, the School aims to:

  • achieve academic quality reflected in global accreditation;
  • achieve regional prominence as a center for academic excellence; and
  • develop and sustain a unique and distinguished identity reflective of schools core value.

SBE Core Values

This is our standard. We demonstrate ethical conduct, moral and professional behavior in all our interactions. We are loyal and accountable to the trust reposed in us by our stakeholders.

We assure that our judgments are free from bias and discrimination. We believe in being just to all in our dealings.

We value the diversity of ideas, thoughts and people. We encourage creativity through improvement.

Professionalism is our core value that comprises of knowledge, competent skills, and behaviors.

Social Responsibility
We are professional academicians who seek responsibility, accept accountability, and are committed to the successful achievement of our organizational goals, while keeping in mind the social impact of all our actions.

The Outcomes

Many competencies are desirable in a graduating student of SBE. However, while identifying the most critical to their success, it is necessary to look at the key success factors that are relevant to our economic and business environment. It has also to be kept in mind that graduates are hired for their problem resolving abilities, creativity, intelligence and talent, especially in a particular field. This is affected through specializations in the academic discipline. In general, a graduate of SBE:

  • assimilates knowledge in sufficient depth to be able to effectively manage and operate at the start of his profession and career;
  • becomes inclined to involve himself/herself in a life long learning process to excel and lead in his/her professional area of endeavor;
  • develops a capability to apply logical, ethical and innovative thinking to become an effective problem solver giving due consideration to ethics, equity and social responsibility;
  • develops capability to work independently or collaboratively;
  • develops an ability to communicate effectively in a professional manner as a member of the community; and
  • demonstrates international perspectives as a professional with due consideration to the future of our world.

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